Annual Meeting Awards
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Dr. Edgardo de la Vega ~ Humanitarian Award

Dr. Ed de la Vega graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Dentistry with a DMD degree and then completed a General Dentistry Residency at McGill University Hospitals in Montreal, Quebec.  He then enrolled at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry and graduated with his DDS degree and entered into private practice in Los Angeles.

Dr. de la Vega became an instant success. He joined the ADA, CDA and Los Angeles Dental Associations.  He was appointed to the California Board of Dental Examiners and was an Expert Examiner on the Board.  During his tenure he became a member of the American Association of Dental Examiners. 

Ed continued serving his profession through membership in The Los Angeles Dental Society where he rose through the Chairs to the Presidency.  He also served as President and later as Executive Director of the Southern California Filipino Dental Society and as President of the  National Association of Filipino Dentists in America. Ed is Fellow of the American College, the International College and our own ADI.

Dr. de la Vega has been a frequent lecturer for his colleagues in the Philippines and that is where his humanitarian efforts are most visible. He has constructed, equipped and staffed three full service dental clinics in Tacloban, Pambujan and Roxas City.  In 2015 Ed incorporated the Dentistry for Every Village Foundation to provide financial assistance in his humanitarian projects.

On the lighter side, Dr. de la Vega enjoys his hobbies of Mixed Martial Arts and Professional Boxing. As an offshoot of those hobbies he is a Licensed Cut-Man for the State of California, Nevada and the Philippines.

Mr. President it is an honor for me to present Dr. Edgardo de la Vega for the Academy of Dentistry International Humanitarian Award. 

Ms. Sharyn Markus ~ Honorary Fellowship










Ms. Sharyn Markus is the Executive Director for the Colorado Springs Dental Society where she handles all responsibilities for the non-profit organization, including mediation and conflict resolution, credential verifications, print media, public relations, programs, referrals, correspondence, education, committees and task forces, community events, Give Kids a Smile, Dental Health Month, trust for indigent dental care, establishing a non-profit dental clinic, fundraising, supporting Fort Carson soldiers through Operation Gratitude, supporting the Girl Scouts Troops for Troops, social media and website management.

In addition, Ms. Markus is an Author of five books, numerous published teaching articles and curriculum guides.  Ms. Markus is also a Free Lance Editor, having edited Dr. Bob Meyer’s book Dental Mission Manual Volumes 1 and 2. As well as manuals on dentures and

AIDS prevention. Her certification as a Certified Dental Editor was issued by the American Association of Dental Editors.

In 1976 Ms. Markus began as a teacher and Library Media Specialist for Academy School District Twenty in Colorado Springs, Where she taught all levels of middle school and high school English, journalism and reading for twenty-nine years.  Her professional memberships, honors and awards and civic/community activities are too numerous to list.  Instead I am going to read the curriculum vitae summary as written by Sharyn:

Working two jobs simultaneously (Academy School District Twenty and the Colorado Springs Dental Society) for many years and earning advanced degrees not only consumed a lot of my time but also opened unexpected doors for me.  For example, through teaching, I became passionate about lessons of the Holocaust; befriended Holocaust survivor, David Faber, author of Because of Romek and brought him to Colorado for several years to speak to students in the area school districts; toured Europe three times with students; and founded The Paperclip Campaign to honor holocaust victims during the annual Days of Remembrance to demonstrate support of equality and opposition to racism, prejudice and hate crimes.  Because of working with my thousands of students, I made a difference in their lives, particularly helping struggling students and having “adopted” middle-school twins who had a horrible home life with an abusive, alcoholic father.  Also, by overseeing community service clubs I encouraged students to be involved in their communities and volunteer.

The career with the Dental Society provided unanticipated rewards, as well.  First, I’ve met many incredible people and believe that dentists overall are the most caring, generous professionals.  I never expected to be able to travel on dental mission trips as much as I have and to incorporate interests, such as fighting human trafficking, through the dental community.  Through the community involvement with the Human Trafficking

Task Force of Southern Colorado, I learned that dentists have a responsibility to report suspected victims of human trafficking and that those trafficked victims are more likely to see a dentist than a physician. That led to the Colorado Springs Dental Society publishing articles on and holding a program on human trafficking.  For the mission trip to the Philippines, we set up the portable dental units at Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch, a rescue home for abused and sex-trafficked children. During most of the mission trips, we include a side trip to at least one area school to provide donations of much-needed school supplies.  Visiting such poor communities, I came to appreciate how much excess I have – and to encourage others to donate goods and items locally, nationally and internationally. 

A comment from a pastor in Argentina has always stayed with me.  When she was asked to provide her church as a dental clinic site, she was very fearful that we Americans were going to bomb her church and kill them all!  What a negative perception she had of Americans from the media!  On the last day, she warmly kissed us all farewell and told us about her preconceived perception and how we had changed her opinion of Americans!”

Mr. President, it is an honor to present Ms. Sharyn Markus for Honorary Fellowship in the Academy!      


Ronald J. Dailey, PhD ~ Honorary Fellowship

Dr. Ronald J. Dailey received his Bachelor of Science degree from Loma Linda University, his Master of Arts in Educational Psychology from Walla Walla College and his Doctor of Philosophy in Higher and Professional Education from the University of Southern California.

Dr. Dailey began his career at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry as Instructor of Preventive and Community Dentistry. In 1977 he was appointed Assistant Professor and in 1994 became Associate Professor of Dental Educational Services.

Dr. Dailey has had numerous Committee appointments at Loma Linda University as well as the Loma Linda School of Dentistry. Administrative appointments at the Dental School included: Director of Student Services; Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Services; Associate Dean for Student Affairs; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Executive Assistant Dean and in 2013 Dr. Dailey was appointed Dean, Loma Linda School of Dentistry. In addition, he is also the Chair for the Department of Dental Educational Services and has authored several texts.

Dr. Dailey has served in various capacities for the American Dental Education Association and the American Association of Dental Schools.  He has made numerous presentations both national and internationally and served as a consultant for Adventist Universities Dental Programs in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and the Philippines.

Dr. Dailey serves on the City Council of Loma Linda, California and has served as a Board member of The San Bernardino International Airport Authority, the Inland Valley Development Agency, the Loma Linda Redevelopment Agency and OmniTrans.

Mr. President, it is an honor to present Dean Ronald J. Dailey for Honorary Fellowship.

Dr. Adriano Albano Forghieri ~ International Dentist of the Year Award

Dr. T.Bob Davis, Dr. Adriano Forghieri and Dr. Gerhard Seeberger.

Dr. Adriano Albano Forghieri is the President of the São Paolo Section of the Associação Brasileira Cirurgões-Dentistas, ABCD, the most considerable Section in the country and the organizing section of the largest dental congress and trade fare in Latin America and the second biggest in the world, the Congresso Internacional de Odontologia de São Paolo, CIOSP.

It has been during the CIOSP 2014 that I approached Dr. Forghieri in order to set the preambles for the establishment of an ADI Brazilian Chapter. Due to his efforts an ADI Convocation inducting 28 new Fellows and establishing the Brazilian Chapter of the Academy of Dentistry International has been possible on January 28th at this year’s 34th edition of CIOSP. Understanding the importance of showing activity of an organization he made it also possible to bind ADI into the program of the II Symposium of Sustainable Dentistry, which was held the same day during the 2016 Meeting, delivering CE credits to the newly inducted.

Dr. Forghieri has also been fundamental for ADI’s presence at the 66th Conference of the Non-Governmental Organizations of the United Nations’ Department for Public Information in Gyeongju, Korea, on May 30th, 2016 contributing to the overall theme Achieving Sustainable Development Goals Together. As a matter of fact APCD has substantially contributed to finance the presence of two speakers, ADI President Prof. Ramon J. Baez and Brazilian Chapter Chairman Prof. Claudio Fernandes. ADI has been the only dental organization present out of 88 DPI-NGOs addressing 2500 attendees from 100 countries.

It can be stated that Dr. Adriano Albano Forghieri has promoted ADI’s global image
significantly and is, therefore, an ideal ADI International Dentist of the Year Award.

Dr. Laura Pittau ~ Distinguished Fellowship

Dr. Laura Pittau is the President of the Section of the Friaul Region and a Councilor of the Italian Dental Association, AIO. Dr. Pittau is also an ADI Fellow.
Dr. Pittau has been active especially in delivering oral health care and prevention to the elderly setting up a dental practice in a nursing home in Pordenone, Friaul, in North Eastern Italy. This model has been unique in all Italy up to 2016 and has been a model for other dental services for needy and/or physically or mentally handicapped elder people. A report on Dr. Pittau’s endeavors can be found in the Journal of the Academy of Dentistry International Vol. I also available on the ADI website HERE. 
Authorization criteria have been in a phase of change since last year threatening the activity of dental care in municipal clinics. Dr. Pittau has been perseverant in negotiations with the stakeholders of the Pordenone nursing home Casa Serena. Her endeavors have been rewarded with the reopening of the dental clinic this spring. Dr. Pittau is continuing to be active in giving advises on how to act against a law, which is not applicable for any other medical specialty but the dentist. Her activity has a larger effect against the discrimination of the dental profession and on guaranteeing access to care and prevention for the social weak.
It can be stated that Dr. Laura Pittau has made notable contributions to society and the profession in her vest of dentist and ADI Fellow and is, therefore, an ideal candidate for ADI Distinguished Fellowship.




Dr. David B. Clark ~ Award of Distinction

Dr. David Clark receives Award of Distinction from Dr. Ramon Baez, ADI President

Dr. David B. Clark is currently Dental Services Director at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences and a part-time Associate Professor for the Department of Oral Medicine on the Faculty of Dentistry at University of Toronto.

Dr. Clark received his Bachelor Degree in Biology from the University of Ottawa and his Dental Degree from the University of Toronto in 1976. He then went on to receive his Master of Science, Oral Pathology from the University of Western Ontario in 1986.

Dr. Clark’s service to his profession began in 1977 with the first of numerous teaching positions he has held. He has held numerous committee appointments for the Ontario Royal College of Dental Surgeons, the Canadian Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Oral Medicine, the Canadian Academy of Oral Pathology and the Whitby Mental Health Centre. 

Dr. Clark has presented over 60 continuing education courses to National, International, State and Provincial Dental Societies devoted to Dentistry and Psychiatry; over 35 courses devoted to Oral Pathology and 20 courses on Oral Care and the Geriatric Patient. In addition to his speaking engagements,  Dr. Clark has over 20 publications in numerous professional journals.

A Fellow in the Academy since 2010, Dr. Clark upholds the credo of the Academy of “World Understanding through Education.” Mr. President it is an honor to present Dr. David B. Clark for the Academy’s Award of Distinction.


William O. Butler ~ Honorary Fellowship

William Butler receives Honorary Fellowship from President Ramon Baez

Mr. William O. Butler received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Kansas State University in Manhattan Kansas. Bill immediately embarked on a very successful career in Athletic Administration, medical postgraduate education and the business area with the Whittaker Cooperation.

In 1995 the Kansas State University Community Education Program was mired deeply in debt. Bill was hired by his Alma Mater to turn things around at Kansas State. Through a carefully orchestrated plan developed by Bill, the debt was reduced to $41,000 in four years time and income production rose from $90,000 to over a quarter of a million dollars. Class attendance rose from an average of 2,200 to over 5,000.

Recognizing Bill’s rebuilding success at previous universities the University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Dentistry hired Bill as its Director in 1990 where the program was not operating in a self-sustaining nature. At the time Bill was one of the first non-PhD, non-dental degreed directors at a major US Dental School. Following Bill’s master plan; the Division of Continuing Dental Education soon began operating in the black and established itself among other national leaders.

In 1994, Bill accepted the Director’s position for Continuing Dental Education at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio following in the footsteps of Dr. Kenneth Rudd who had developed a continuing education program viewed by many as the best in the nation.

Bill’s newest project is the creation of a sophisticated offering of video streamed courses for the dental profession worldwide. The goal is to offer over 200 peer reviewed, non-commercial sponsored learning courses focusing on the foundations of dentistry and the inclusion of inter-professional learners. This is the program the Academy has adopted as its online CE offering.

Mr. President, I am delighted to present Mr. William O. Butler for Honorary Fellowship in the Academy.

Haruo Morita ~ Honorary Fellowship

Haruo Morita receives Honorary Fellowship from President Ramon Baez

Haruo Morita graduated from the Doshisha University in Kyoto with a major in electrical engineering and also Pepperdine University in Malibu, California with 
a major in economics. 

In 1985 he joined J.MORITA first in the export department to develop and market the new adhesive concepts, mainly Panavia and Clearfil. He then moved to the merchandise department, followed by the MORITA management planning section. In 1999 he took the position of CEO of J. Morita. 

Now, Mr. Morita is not only CEO of J. Morita Corporation, which is the trading department of the Morita group, he oversees also J. Morita Manufacturing corporation, J. Morita Tokyo Manufacturing corporation, and other subsidiary companies of the Morita group. 

Mr. Morita also takes positions in the industry groups such as President of Japan Dental Trade Association, Senior Managing Director of the Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations and many more.

Under the leadership of Haruo MORITA epoch making technologies were developed, such as for challenging root canal therapy Root ZX. Next was highspeed handpieces of the smallest size with the highest torque called TwinPower to make treatment more comfortable. With the first high speed panorama x-ray units MORITA cut exposure times in half and pioneered todays indispensable cone beam radiology. The Er:YAG Laser continues with its tradition to spearhead newest challenging sophisticated technology, particular for periodontics therapy.  MORITA employing 2000 people worldwide is the leader in developing  new innovative technologies. In October 2016 the MORITA Group will celebrate its Centennial, One Hundred Year Anniversary. 

Haruo Morita, personally and through MORITA Corporation contributes generously to philanthropic causes in Japan and the United States. 

Mr. President, it is an honor to present Mr. Haruo Morita for Honorary Fellowship in the Academy. 




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