ADI European Section Officers
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Dr. Dietmar Klement
Northern European Section

Dr. Stefano Colasanto

Southern European Section

Dr. Ilshat Yuldashev
Eastern European Section


European Section holds Convocation 14 March 2015 in Cologne

Cologne Germany - On Saturday 14 March 2015, Nine new Fellows were honored with Fellowship and inducted into membership. New Fellows represented their home countries of Austria, Germany, Iran, Portugal, and Romania.

The program included updates to projects in Haiti and Dominican Republic; and CEREC technology at the Haiti Dental School.

Dipl. Ing Peter Malata
Honorary Fellowship 

Dr. Christian Berger 

Prof. Dr. Günter Dhom

Dr. Dusko Gedosev

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Scmitt

Dr. Kaveh Seyedan

Dr. Hassan Shayesteh

Dr. Orlando Monteiro da Silva 

Prof. Dr. Mariana Pacurar


 Back Row Left to Right: Dr. Hans Jürgen Schmitt, Dr. Christian Berger, Dr. Dusko Gedosev, Prof. Dr. Mariana Pacurar, Dr. Orlando Monteiro da Silva, Prof. Dr. Günter Dhom, Dr. Hassan Shayesteh and Dr. Kaveh Seyedan.

Front Row Left to Right: Dr. Tobias Bauer, Dr. Ramon Baez, President, Dipl. Ing. Peter Malata, Honorary Fellowship Recipient, and Dr. Gerhard Seeberger, Vice-President of Finance & Administration.

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November 22 Italian Chapter Convocation

At the time of The Associazione Italiana Odontoiatri, the ADI Italian Chapter hosted a wonderful dinner to welcome and convocate new Fellows.  It was held at Ristorante Spirito DiVino. This restaurant is home to a wine cellar that is more than 2,000 years old!  It is located in this beautiful medieval house, with arched loggia. On the basis of the central column, are still visible Hebrew characters carved in marble. The ancient name of the alley, where the house is located, to the numbers 13 and 14, vicolo delle Palme, seems to be derived from the fact that there had been planted some palms in remembrance of Judea.  It was a beautiful setting for the occasion and a wonderful dinner was enjoyed by everyone.

Front Row: Drs. Nick S. Miranda, Giovanni Moleti and Denis Poletto. Second Row: Drs. Loredana Maccauro, Fausto Fiorile, Mauro Sanalitro, Stefano Colasanto and Michelandgelo Marino. Third Row: Dr. Robert Ramus, Executive Director, Dr. Gerherd Seeberger, ADI Vice-President for International Affairs, Dr. Tobias Bauer. 

ADI Annual Meeting and Convocation in Istanbul Turkey 

The ADI Annual Board of Regents Meeting was held in conjunction with the FDI World Dental Congress in Istanbul, Turkey.  The FDI recorded its largest attendance in over a decade!  The ADI also held a small convocation honoring more like minded dentists from Azerbaijan, Colombia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Turkey. Honorary Fellowship was bestowed on Martha Baez, RDH, MPH for her contributions to promoting dental hygiene education and prevention around the world.

Back Row From Left: Dr. Naresh Yedthare Shetty, Malaysia; Dr. Taner Yücel, Turkey; Dr. Prathip Phantumvanit, Thailand; Mrs. Martha Baez, USA; Dr. Muhammad Sohail Zafar, Saudi Arabia; Dr. Norina Forna, Romania; Dr. Eser Elemek, Turkey; Dr. Elizabeth Suarez Zuñiga, Colombia; Dr. Mehran Hemati, Iran; Dr. Sandra Tovar Valencia, Colombia; and Dr. Zaur Novruzov, Azerbaijan.
Front Row From Left: Dr. Philippe Rusca, Regent Northern Europe; Dr. Diampo Lim, President; Dr. Ramon Baez, President-Elect.


Cologne Germany 2013 CE & Convocation

On the occasion of the IDS in Cologne, the world's largest dental fair, honorable colleagues were admitted into the renowned dental society of the Academy of Dentistry International (ADI) in a ceremony. One of the elected colleagues from all over Europe was Prof. ....{Click Title above for full report}  {Click on Photo to view Flipbook Album}


Experts for Herat ~ Dr. Gerhard Seeberger visits Afghanistan

Dr. Peter Hanedoes Memorial ~ ADI Officer

ADI Meeting Paris France ~ November 25, 2011

A round table discussion of ADI involvement was attended also by Dr. Patrick Hescot, General Secretary of the ADF, French Dental Association, and Dr. Wemaere to present the program for the uninsured, precarious population of Paris; a fast growing phenomena evident in larger cities. I think it or a similar program should be considered by A D I for the mega cities around the globe. {Read Full Article}

ADI Meeting Cologne Germany at IDS March 2011



Embedded in the traditional assembly, called convocation, the ADI was pleased to take the offer for a joint meeting at the IDS. This was the first time that the ADI organized a meeting together with an international symposium for dental volunteers in Germany, carried by the ADI, the Academy of Dentistry International, as a global organization with a particular focus on social competence of their distinguished members. Also on board was the fairly young organization Dental Aid International. {Read Full Article}

Dr. Manfred Nilius ~ ADI New Fellow 2013 Personal Press Release


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