2017 Silent Auction Request
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Dear ADI Foundation supporter,

It is that time of year again, ADIF asks for your continued, generous support! The ADI Foundation will be holding their Silent Auction on 18 October 2017 to raise funds for grant distribution. All funds raised at the Silent Auction; 100% of monies raised go directly to funding approved Grant Applications. The ADIF Board will meet 19 October to total the available money on hand and all Silent Auction funds. Then they distribute the total to worthy organizations requesting funding. 

Requestor Contact Details:

Stephanie Wilhelm, ADI Central Office                    Phone: +01(419)542-0101
3813 Gordon Creek Drive                                          Email:  swilhelm@adint.org
Hicksville, OH 43526 USA

Event Details:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Renaissance Atlanta Midtown

Expected number of guests: 75-100

Donations will be used for: Silent Auction

Event Sponsorship and/or Underwriter:  None

We truly appreciate your past generosity and hope you would consider donating again. If you are willing to donate an item for the Auction, please provide the following information that corresponds to your donated item(s.)

1.      Detailed description of the item and any supporting flyer or promotional brochure.

2.      Fair Market Value of the donation.

3.      Stipulations, if any, for buyer. (Must be a USA licensed dentist or at least ship to a USA address.)

4.      If submitting as an “In kind” donation to ADIF, please include Tax Exempt Status documentation.

Academy of Dentistry International Foundation (ADIF)

Organization Chartered 1986 State of California

Organization Country: United States of America

Academy of Dentistry International Foundation TIN: 77-0130505

Non-profit Status: 501©3

ADI Foundation Secretary: Dr. Robert L. Ramus   Email: rramus@adint.org

ADI Website: www.adint.org   Foundation Page: http://www.adint.org/?page=ADICharitableArm

The “Projects Funded” tab has the history of Grants funded by the ADI Foundation since 2000.  With your help, ADI Foundation will be able continue to fund more applications year after year! 

Mission Statement and Objectives:

The Academy of Dentistry International Foundation supports the Academy of Dentistry International by allocating grants for projects and missions, advancing dentistry throughout the world and improving the oral and general health and welfare of the citizens of every nation. The Academy of Dentistry International is an honor society for dentists dedicated to sharing knowledge in order to serve dental health needs and to improve the quality of life throughout the world.

Objectives and purposes:

The following principles and ideals are jointly adopted as a means to attain these goals.

A. To seek out and welcome requests to financially and administratively support activities that provide dentistry to the underserved along with preventive education.

B. To support healthcare volunteerism and service fees based on ability of the patient to pay.

C. Financially support local delivery of healthcare services to underserved communities around the world.

D. Maximize board member expertise and prominence to disseminate research and best practices of sponsored projects to other projects.

E. Ensure measured results and investment longevity through documentation of board review procedures.

F. Encourage ADI member participation in sponsored and funded programs through newsletter announcements of Foundation decisions.

G. To advance the science and art of dentistry for the health and welfare of the people of the world.

H. To encourage, stimulate and promote research.

I. To encourage, stimulate and promote service projects for the health and welfare of the people of the world.

J. To promote the international exchange of information, culture and concepts.

K. To promote continuing education for all dentists.


Academy of Dentistry International®
3813 Gordon Creek Drive
Hicksville, Ohio 43526 U. S. A.
Tel: + 01(419) 542-0101
Fax: +01(419) 542-0992