Gordon J. Christensen International Study Club
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 We have an exciting opportunity for our ADI members!

  Gordon J. Christensen

Simply pay your dues by June 30 2017 and you will receive a free 30-day online membership to the Gordon J. Christensen International Study Club!

The Gordon J. Christensen International Study Club offers valuable, easily accessible online education. Their goal is to help dentists stay on top of the various new products, techniques and technologies constantly being introduced in dentistry. Membership has benefits!

  • Members receive a weekly communique, which offers answers to some of the most asked questions in dentistry today.
  • Members are able to peruse the communique archive – currently their archive contains over 9 hours of video content!
  • Members receive exclusive 20% discounts on the unbiased, world-renown Clinicians Report and Gordon Christensen’s in-depth video education and hands-on education classes.

Members have access to the Study Club Directory – an invaluable referral tool!
You will receive all of the above benefits FREE for 30 days as a thank you for your prompt ADI dues payment. 

Also, your name will be entered into a drawing for a FREE annual membership to the Gordon J. Christensen International Study Club, a $ 899 value!

All above benefits cease at conclusion of the 30-day membership, unless the individual ADI member chooses to purchase club membership from PCC.

For those ADI members who wish to continue Christensen Study Club membership, the ADI has negotiated a special rate just for you! The Gordon J. Christensen International Study Club is available to ADI members as an online-only participation for just $299US/year! For only $299/year, you retain all the benefits listed above. Remain state-of-the-art!

The 30 day membership period will commence approximately August 1, 2017.


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