Criteria for Fellowship ~ How to nominate a worthy candidate
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New Member Nomination  

As a Fellow in the Academy of Dentistry International you are encouraged to nominate colleagues that you feel embrace the altruistic philosophy of the Academy and have distinguished themselves in their professional and personal activities. 


The qualifications for membership according to the Bylaws of the Academy are:

  1. At least five years active practice as a dentist or in any related area of dentistry; such as teaching, administration, research or government services wherein remuneration is gained from such services.
  2. The nominee must be a graduate of a dental school recognized by the appropriate professional accrediting body.
  3. The nominee must be active in the dental profession and highly esteemed for integrity and character.The nominee must be approved by the Regent of the region in which the nominee resides and by the membership committee.


Nominations submitted prior to March 31 will be sent for the Fall convocation. Nominations received after March 31 will be contacted in the Fall for the next calendar year.


1.  Nominate Online at

2.  Email to Central Office

3.  Please write or type the candidate’s full name and address legibly and mail to:

Academy of Dentistry International
3813 Gordon Creek Drive
Hicksville, Ohio 43526 USA 

Nominee Receives  

Nominees will be sent a nomination letter naming their sponsor including:







Academy of Dentistry International®
3813 Gordon Creek Drive
Hicksville, Ohio 43526 U. S. A.
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